9.12.2012 Adventní klubová výstava Brno Voroněž, rozhodčí David Todd (UK)

Quality Black Sant Tulip (tř. otevřená) - V1, CAC

"Pleasing head, nice expression, well constructed front, good legs and feet, strong topline, nice ribs & body, good hind quaters, would prefer a little less hair, move soundly when settled."


Quality Golden Sant Tulip (tř. otevřená) - V1, CAC

"Head OK, would prefer softer expression, front angulation OK, good bone, legs & feet, well balanced body with good spring of rib, nice hindquaters with good width makes the most himself in the move."


Cindy Palima


I Am Black Sant Tulip

Quality Golden Sant Tulip

Quality Black Sant Tulip