1.5.2014 Klubová výstava Cocker Club Brno, rozhodčí S.Shinkfield (UK) a P.Lester (UK)

Quality Black Sant Tulip (tř. otevřená) - V2, r.CAC

"Well balanced eye and head, good bite, forechest, very well boned, good feet, forearm and return, well ribbed, strong body, well rounded, musculed quarters, strong clean neck, well balanced cutline, moves easily, covers ground very well, showed in a good coat."


Quality Golden Sant Tulip (tř. vítězů) - V1, CAC

"Dark eyes, good bite, strong chest, well bones, legs and feet, good return of upper arm, well ribbed and body, good widthacross the corp, short below the neck, good topline, strong active moves, very merry."


I Am Black Sant Tulip (tř. čestná) - V2

"Very cockery type, well made allthrough, typical head, good eye, nice lay of shoulder, good bone, feet, moved soundly and freely, just carrying a little weigh on her shoulder."



Cindy Palima


I Am Black Sant Tulip

Quality Golden Sant Tulip

Quality Black Sant Tulip